Our distributor FastSpring allows payment via wire transfer. Please note, that for payment received this way, the only option is to refund manually if it is absolutely necessary.  Also note that partial refunds are not possible.

FastSpring offers the following options for full refunds of wire transfers:

No handling fee: The funds can be sent to a PayPal account without charge. For this, we require the email address associated with the buyer's PayPal account and the funds can be sent quickly.

10$ (USD) handling fee: Refunds can also be mailed by US Dollar checks. For this, the buyer has to first confirm that they can accept a check payable in USD (that is if the buyer is international). Once this has been established, we require the payee name and mailing address that should be used.

30$ (USD) handling fee: Refunds can also be sent via International Wire Transfer. For this, we need the bank account details as follows:

Bank Name
Bank Address
Account Holder Name

Depending on the amount of the order, the check and wire options may not be feasible.

Please note: Our distributor FastSpring deducts any costs (handling fee) that incur during the refund process from the refunded amount.