In case you need to place a purchase order or you need a quote (pro forma invoice), follow these steps:

  1. After you chose a product from our Buy page, click on the Buy Now button.
  2. On the checkout page, enter your email address, enter a VAT ID if applicable,  agree to the TOS and click on "Purchase Order/Invoice":
  3. Finish the order process by entering your name, company name, address, etc.
  4. Once you placed the order, you can view the invoice which contains a payment link. You will also get an email with the order details, invoice and payment link. The (pro forma) invoice can be used as a quote.
  5. When you click the "Pay" link, you can select from the usual payment methods available.

Please Note:

The placed purchase order is valid for 45 days. The license information will be generated and sent by email after successful payment. If 45 days have passed, a new order has to be placed.

Should you have any questions or issues regarding the invoice or payment, please check out the FastSpring support site.