This article explains how you can extend software maintenance for your end customer using your approved reseller account. If you do not have a reseller account yet, read this article on how to register a reseller account with us.

Reseller Portal on the Extend Maintenance Page

When maintenance is about to expire, we send out special links to our customers which allow them to extend maintenance for their license. This link looks like this:[some token]

On the maintenance extension page you find a link to our reseller portal.


Supply your email address and password of your reseller account.

Successful Login - Billing Information

Once logged in successfully, please review the billing information before you place an order. 

Either navigate back to the maintenance extension page or click once again on the maintenance extension link.

Select License, Verify Customer Data

Important: The following data should be verified before you click the Buy Now button:

  • Notice that the discount changed from 50% to 55%. This is because as a reseller you get a 10% discount on our list prices after any discount.
  • Check to which name the license will be issued. This text cannot be changed during the order process because the discount is only valid for the customer we issued the special link.
  • Check the new maintenance date. The maintenance date is always based on the original license purchase date.

Once you verified all the data, click on Buy Now to process the order and enter the payment details. There's no need to re-enter the billing address or the end customer address. The billing address will be automatically set from your reseller account (see Billing Information above). The end customer data will be based on the data we received from the previous order.

In case you need to change the billing or the end customer information, please contact us before you order. To speed things up, provide your reseller account information (email address) and your end customer's previous order number.