This article explains how you can purchase licenses for your end customer using your approved reseller account. If you do not have a reseller account yet, read this article on how to register a reseller account with us.

Reseller Portal on the Buy Page

On our buy page, you find a link to our reseller portal.


Supply your email address and password of your reseller account.

Successful Login - Billing Information

Once logged in successfully, please review the billing information before you place an order. Click on Buy Now to continue your order.

Select License, Enter Customer Data

Sidenote: The small icon at the upper right corner will bring you back to your reseller account information page where you can review the billing address.

Make sure you select the correct license for the correct platform (Windows, macOS, Bundle?) and click on the "Buy Now" link next to it:

A popup form will appear where you need to enter the end customer data.

Important: Do not enter your reseller name, address, email address. Only provide the end customer data here. Especially the email address of your end customer must be provided and the correct "Licensed to" text (usually the company name of your end customer)

Once you click on Buy Now on the popup form, you will be redirected to our distributor who will handle payment and billing.