Since Royal TSX stores most of its settings, plugins and your license in a central location, it's really easy to move to a new Mac and keep all your preferences.

First, download Royal TSX on your new Mac from our Website and install it to your /Applications folder. 

Now copy the whole folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Royal TSX to the same location on your new Mac. To do so, open a Finder window and select "Go - Go to Folder..." and enter the path (including the Tilde "~" character, which evaluates to your user's home directory). Then copy this folder to your new Mac at the same path. Please make sure that Royal TSX is not running on both machines when copying the preferences directory. For a detailed description of what is stored in this folder, please see this KB article.

There's an additional preferences file located at ~/Library/Preferences/com.lemonmojo.RoyalTSX.App.plist which contains several non-critical settings, like the last time an update check was done. You shouldn't miss anything that's stored here but if you like, you can copy this file as well.

If you followed these steps, all of your settings, installed plugins, debug logs and your license are now available on your new Mac. What hasn't been transferred yet are your Royal TSX documents. Since, you, the user specify the location where a document is saved when saving it for the first time or explicitly using "Save Document As...", you will have to manually locate your documents and transfer them to your new computer if they're not stored on a file share or cloud storage that's accessible from your new Mac. If you forgot where you saved your documents, this KB article will help you locate them. Once you found all your documents on your file system, just copy them to your new Mac and open them from within Royal TSX or just double-click them in Finder to open them with Royal TSX.

Further reading:

You can read more about the various locations where Royal TSX stores its settings and preferences in this KB article.

If you forgot where you stored your documents, please refer to this KB article.