Since Royal TSX is a document based application, most user-generated content is stored inside separate documents which have to be saved to a specific location on the file system. You, the user, specify the location of a document when saving it for the first time or when using "File - Save Document As...".

Documents can be stored on any writable disk attached to your Mac or on remote file shares. You can, for instance, choose to save your documents in the "Documents" folder of your home directory, in your Dropbox folder, iCloud Drive, an external hard drive or on a remote Samba file share. As long as the folder is read- and writable you can save Royal TSX documents there.

Other content, like settings, preferences, your license and plugins are stored in pre-defined locations which you can read more about here.

When I open Royal TSX, I don't see my documents/connections/credentials

First, please don't panic! Royal TSX does never delete documents!

It's much more likely that one of the following happened:

  • The document you're missing was saved on an external hard drive which currently isn't attached to your Mac
    • Solution: Attach the external drive to your Mac and open the document
  • The document you're missing was saved on a remote file share which currently isn't connected
    • Solution: Re-connect to the file share and open the document
  • You closed the document you're missing before you quit Royal TSX the last time
    • Solution: Locate the document using Finder or by searching for ".rtsz" (the file extension Royal TSX documents use) in Spotlight
  • Royal TSX isn't configured to automatically open the documents from your last session when starting
    • Solution: Change the setting "When starting Royal TSX" in "Preferences - General - Start and Quit" to "Open documents from last session"
  • You accidentally activated "Show only Favorites" but don't have any favorites
    • Solution: Disable "Show only Favorites" by clicking the yellow star button in the bottom left corner of the navigation panel (sidebar)

If you still cannot locate your document, you might find it under "File - Open Recent Document".

To find out where exactly an already opened document is saved, right-/control-click the document in the navigation panel (sidebar) and select "Show Document in Finder".

Below you'll find several screenshots that correspond to the problems and solutions outlined above. If you still cannot find one of your documents, please get in touch with us.

Configure Royal TSX to open documents from last session when starting:

Navigation Panel is filtered by favorites:

Locating documents using Spotlight search: