Royal TSX offers multiple solutions for working with small screens or low screen resolutions. Here are some tips that might improve your experience when working in such environments.
  • Use the "Extended Full Screen" mode:
    In extended full screen mode, Royal TSX hides the toolbar and sets the documents list to autohide. You can access your documents by hovering the mouse over the left edge of the screen.
    Extended full screen mode can be enabled in the View - Use Extended Full Screen menu.
  • Use the "Documents" toolbar item:
    The toolbar in Royal TSX is customizable and offers a "Documents" item which, when clicked, shows a dropdown containing all currently opened documents and all objects contained within. It allows you to open connections or properties of other objects without permanently occupying screen real estate.
  • Use the Dock Icon Menu:
    If you're not running Royal TSX in full screen mode but have your documents list hidden you can still access your documents, either by using the "Documents" toolbar item (see above) or using the Dock Icon menu. Simply right-click Royal TSX' dock icon to get started.
  • Use a Launcher-application:
    Several 3rd party launchers are available that can be used with Royal TSX.
    One of them is Alfred. Alfred is an extendable launcher that can be activated with keyboard shortcuts. We provide a "Workflow that allows you to use Alfred to open connections by typing their name. The workflow comes with "Autocomplete" so you don't have to remember the exact name of the connection you're looking for.

If you have additional tips or suggestions on how to improve Royal TSX on small screens, please let us know in the feedback forum!