Most of the supported keyboard shortcuts can be found in the menus.

If you open the Window menu for instance, there are menu items for "Select Next Tab" and "Select Previous Tab" and the respective keyboard shortcuts are control+tab and control+shift+tab.

It's possible to modify all of the keyboard shortcuts that are available through the main menu using standard macOS mechanisms. See this Apple KB entry for more info. This is especially useful if a certain keyboard shortcut interferes with a keyboard shortcut used in a remote session.

Tip: If you're using a trackpad you can also use a three finger swipe to switch between tabs. For this to work, set "Swipe between pages" in the Trackpad settings to "Swipe with three fingers" or "Swipe with two or three fingers".

Hotkey to open connection

To assign hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to specific connections in Royal TSX you can use the following technique:
  • First, add the "Documents" toolbar item in Royal TSX
  • Note the name of the connection you'd like to assign a hotkey to
  • Go to macOS' "Keyboard" preferences and switch to the "Shortcuts" tab
  • Select "App Shortcuts". (See for more info)
  • Add a new shortcut for Royal TSX where the "Menu Title" is exactly the name of your connection
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut
  • Try the hotkey in Royal TSX, it should open the connection. If it does not, browse to the connection using the documents toolbar item. You should see the shortcut for the connection you just assigned to the right of the connection's name.