As you're probably aware, Royal TSX is a plugin-based application. Our plugins are stored online so that we can easily update them independently from the application and notify you when updates are available. When connected to the Internet, it's easy to use Royal TSX's built-in plugin gallery to download, install and update plugins.
If you, however, find yourself in the situation of being offline on the computer you installed Royal TSX on, here's how to get up and running, using a second computer that has access to the Internet.

  • On a computer that has access to the internet go to
  • Make sure the “appVersion" parameter matches the exact Royal TSX version you’re using (you can look it up in the about screen’s “More Information” section)
  • Make sure the “Available Plugins” tab is selected
  • Download the Plugins you’re interested in by clicking the “Install” buttons
  • Each Plugin is packaged as a .prm file which should now be waiting for installation in your downloads folder
  • Start Royal TSX
  • Select all of the .prm files and drag them to the Royal TSX dock icon
  • You’ll be prompted multiple times (once for each plugin) to restart Royal TSX. You can skip this until all Plugins finish installing
  • Restart Royal TSX
  • Make sure that all the Plugins you’re interested in are listed in the "Preferences" - "Plugins" - "Installed Plugins" section

Please note that this method of installing plugins should only be used as a "last resort" when there's no Internet connection available on the computer you're setting up Royal TSX.