Should I install the latest beta version of my Operating System?

Quick Answer

No, you definitely shouldn't install a beta OS on your primary device!
If you really want to try a new OS while still in development, please do so in a separate test environment. Otherwise you might encounter data losses and all kinds of unpredictable things might happen.

Long(ish) Answer

First of all, please remember that betas are - by definition - unstable .

A beta OS is still in development, hasn't been fully tested and we can't guarantee that everything in the OS works as expected by our apps.

Furthermore, beta OS's are evolving over time and things that don't work in the first beta version, might work in the next update for example. We might fix an issue on our end but as the beta evolves, the OS vendor might fix the issue on their end or there might be another change that breaks our fix.

Since we're software developers, we're used to this. But we want you, our users, not to be confronted with these unpredictable changes and we definitely don't want you to loose your data.

So we highly recommend that you stick to official, stable releases to ensure your data is safe and you can get your work done.

Betas are Unsupported

Unfortunately, we cannot support our apps on unstable, un-tested, in-development platforms. So until the OS in question is officially released (out of beta) it remains unsupported by us and you're basically on your own if you choose to install it.

Thanks for understanding,
The Royal Applications Team