If you're having issues with clipboard redirection, here are some tips to get back up and running.

First of all, please ensure that "Clipboard" is enabled in the "Redirection" settings of your Remote Desktop connection.

A common problem is that the process that handles clipboard redirection (rdpclip.exe) hangs on the remote machine.

Most of the time this can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Connect to the remote machine
  2. Kill rdpclip.exe using task manager
  3. Log off from the remote machine
  4. Reconnect to the remote machine
  5. Check that rdpclip.exe is running again and if not launch it manually

Note that clipboard redirection currently only works with text and bitmaps. If you're looking to transfer files between your Mac and remote Windows machine, please use drive redirection instead. To configure which folders or drives are redirected to the remote machine, open the properties of your RDP connection, navigate to the "Redirection" section and either select one of the pre-defined folders from the "Disk drives" dropdown, or configure custom folders by selecting "Other folder(s)".