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Launching a Command Task in the Login Shell

I have a web page UI for a Linux monitoring application on an AWS EC2 Instance. It's only available on http:/localhost:$port.  There are several nodes of this in a cluster.

We use AWS SSO through the browser.  As such we have some scripts and configs in the AWS Config and SSH Config to trigger an AWS SSO authentication when we start an SSH session.  As such, I cannot use the native Terminal Forwarding in TSX.  I can successfully set up remote port mapping by using a Custom Terminal, setting the "Terminal Settings/Advanced/Session" to "Run inside Login Shell".  So far so good.  Everything works as expected.  I specify the Remote Port using an inherited Custom Field from the parent folder.  I specify the Local Port using a Custom Field in the Terminal object.  I have a Terminal connection for each node in the cluster, and since I may need to connect to multiple ones simultaneously, I have a different Local Port for each connection.

I'd then like to call a reusable Command Task to launch a Web Page object to browse the UI.  The problem is that I cannot seem to use the Custom Field with the Local Port from the Terminal connection in the Command Task.  If I specify #CustomField5$, it comes back as blank.  So it's not inheriting the Custom Field value from the Terminal connection.  It DOES inherit things like $URI$, so I'm not sure why this specific thing is not working.  Given that the Local Port is different per connection I can't just set the Command Task to inherit from the Parent Folder.  Am I missing something here?

To clarify - I'm trying to launch a browser window to view the page.  I'm not trying to launch a saved Web Page object.  My apologies for the confusion.

Also, there's a typo in the first post - I'm using $CustomField5$ not #CustomField5$, so I'm pretty sure it's not just a syntax error.

Hi Chase,

I cannot reproduce this.

I created a terminal connection, where I specified the port in custom field 5. Then I created a command task, that runs "open http://$URI$:$CustomField5$".

When I execute the task against the terminal connection, it opens my default browser at the expected URL (in this case "http://localhost:1234/)".

Please check out the attached sample document where the two objects are configured. Does this not work in your case?



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