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Cisco anyconnect command task

Can someone help me out, this works in terminal but I cannot set it up as a command task, I must be missing something??


/opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn -s connect <<"EOF"


I think the command task statement has to be a single line. Try escaping the line endings? 

Side note, I'd put the un/pw into Custom Properties so they can be easily changed and stored as Protected Fields. Then reference the $$ in the command task. 

thanks for the reply, it appears that I can get it launched with:

/opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn -s connect

in the command task but no matter how I try to pass in the creds, it just won't work.  very odd

thanks for the reply, I can launch anyconnect with 

/opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn -s connect

in the command task but I cannot seem to be able to pass credentials for some reason

Hi @petedykinga

I created a script for this and I run it inside the 'Terminal' connection of Royal TSX.

The address is taken from the 'Computer Name':


The password is taken from the 'Credentials' section.

And the script is placed in the 'Custom Commands' section:


The number of the Group Name (in case you have to select a group upon connecting) is taken from 'Custom Field 1' under 'Custom Fields'.

The script also asks you for a 2FA password in case you need to enter one.

The script also checks if there is already a Cisco AnyConnection VPN connection active. If true, it asks you whether you want to keep it or to disconnect.

# title				: ciscoVpnConnectAF 4
# description		: This script will connect/disconnect VPN via Cisco AnyConnect with 2 Factor Authentication
# author			: Pascal Reutener   (a&f systems ag)
# date				: 2021-07-29
# version			: 1.3
# usage				: as custom command in Royal TSX
# notes				: The Number of the Group Name is taken from 'Custom Field 1' in Royal TSX
# change history
# 2020-03-19 | PRE  : initial release
#						usage: ./
# 2020-03-20 | PRE  : remove storage of credentials in clear text file
#						and instead use a variable
#						cosmetic changes
# 2020-11-23 | PRE  : added groupName variable
# 2021-07-29 | PRE  : Make group name/number dynamic (taken from 'CustomField1')

# configure
# Group Name Number is taken from Royal TSX's Custom Field 1

		# ask for second password
		echo "     Please enter your OTP (One-Time Password) [ENTER]: "
		read -s var_passcode
		echo "\n     Your One-Time Password is: $var_passcode \n\n"

		sleep 1

		read -r -d '' var_logininfo <<- EOM

		# connect
		$var_ciscopath/vpn -s <<< "$var_logininfo" connect $var_url

		# disconnect
		$var_ciscopath/vpn disconnect

if /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpn status | grep Connected > /dev/null
	echo "\n\n --> You have currently an active Cisco AnyConnect VPN connection.\n     Do you want to disconnect?\n" 
	select yn in "Yes" "No"; do
		case $yn in
			Yes ) disconnect_vpn; break;;
			No ) exit;;
	echo "\n\n --> You are currently NOT connected to $var_url"


Use at your own risk. 

I hope this helps :)

—Best regards, Pascal

That did it, thanks for the help!!

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