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Support for credential-by-name

I have a document that uses credentials by name to connect to an SSH server with a different private key file in different computers. Each computer stores its own credentials object in its Application document, pointing to a local private key file. I don't want to sync the file across computers (the point is that each one has its own private key), but that leaves me with no way to set up my phone and tablet to use this connection. Or am I missing something?

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I would like to get more info on the same question. In my case, I have both MAC and Windows and the key file location differs. Not sure how to tackle this and still keep a single file/document

On Android and iOS we use 3rd party apps to connect via SSH. None of the current SSH apps accepts a private key file as parameter. So this authentication method can neither be used on Android nor iOS.

You can however share a credential by name and use private key files on Windows and MacOS. If you want to use different credentials for each user, then you need to create the credentials on each computer with the same name and reference that name in your shared document.

Every user can also create a separate document with username/password credentials. These can also be shared and used across all platforms.

@Ambarish RH, I think what you'd have to do in that case is to have the credentials stored in the Application document in each computer, and reference it by name in your shared/synced document with the connections. The document with the connections wouldn't need the credential for either machine. I was experimenting just now, and it even seems you can create several credentials with the same name (across documents or even in the same one) and if you have a connection that references a credential by that name, when you try to connect it will ask you which of all the matching credentials do you want to use. You could go that route and then just choose the one with the right path to the private key file depending on which computer you're connecting from.

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I see this got marked as implemented... does that mean the mobile app for Android now supports using SSH keys? Or did the issue just get closed?

Oops, marked this as implemented by accident. Unfortunately private key files are not yet supported.

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