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Create a Safari extension for Royal Passwords

There is currently a Chrome & firefox extension, a Safari extension would also be great. Is this something that is planned, or is there a reason it hasn't been created?

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There are two main reasons why we currently don't offer a browser extension for Safari:

1) There hasn't been a lot of demand since Chrome pretty much dominates the browser market at the moment.

2) Web page connections created in Royal TSX already use the same engine as Safari and obviously also support our auto fill feature.

That being said, we definitely want to extend our browser integration offerings in the future and that will include an extension for Safari, it's just not high priority at the moment.

*Hust*, Felix  ;-)

After 1Password has it's on "premise hickups", there certanly is a *huge* demand (subjective view).



I must come back to this issue. There is a huge demand, if you realize what is happening to AgileBits -> Link.

I am searching right now for an alternative to the software I'm using and I don't find a solution that fits on this planet. Yes, there are ton's of "passwordmanagers" in the wilderness, but none of them is a suitable keychain manager in a security, trust and feature point of view.

I thought myself whom would I give trust? 

Yes - It might be your team! 


Keychain management is not done easy. And it is in no way cheap development. It is a huge investment. Keychain management itself is not done from now to tomorrow. 

The very first two things to start thinking about is trust and encryption. So How could you gain trust? You might need code reviews as well as a public statement. In addition, you could make the encryption algorithm open source or use one, that is well known and point out how you do use it.

Second, there's features. Tons of. It is not Safari, Firefox or Chrome only. I in person need to let three keychains being opened up in untrusted Windows also, as well two personal ones on iOS and macOS so there needs to be advanced syncing option - via several clouds, local storage and even Wifi. 

There are lots of things, people do use and like, e.g. fingerprint auth in iOS or on the new MacBooks (regardless me liking this or not). There's TOTP and configurable Webpage forms. This thing is not being used by pros like RoyalTS(X) but it is being used by totally unlearned untalented normal people. It needs to be easy, have an easy to understand UI and a good documentation. 

There are so many things to think about by you, in addition also it's risky business. 

Yes, it's maybe fine to ask and I'd be happy if you do so, I might be the very first customer. I might even come over to you and give you a hug. But it is way more and it is you to decide if you would be going that far. So it's on you. And I'm not angry if you do refuse. I do need RoyalTS each day and I really need it in stable condition as it is right now. 



I would also like to see a Safari plugin. 

While the internal browser in the application is functional for most things if I preconfigure all the URLs I use regularly. However, I find myself needing credentials outside of the application or storing credentials in multiple locations (Royal, Keypass, LastPass). I also avoid Chrome(the WebOS with a browser application) like the plague if possible, and Firefox has not figured out a single search/URL bar yet, and it's missing some protocol support that I find annoying. Mainly while you've supported two very popular browsers you have not added support for the most functional browser on the market, it may not be popular because of an OS limitation, but that's a conversation for Apple.

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