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Feature Request: Royal Passwords - Use of Royal Server hosted documents with 2FA

Hello RoyalApps-Team,

you did a great work until now! I love your products.

I have a feature request: 

First, I can use Royal Passwords only then, when RoyalTS is already running. A cool thing would be, if Royal Passwords can access Royal Server hosted documents (especially for credentials) with 2FA.

Second, when I open RoyalServer encrypted documents in RoyalTS, I have to enter a long and strong password. For a smooth workflow, I enabled "Remember password", because its also a protected document with 2FA. So I got only a push notification on my smartphone and thats it. In Royal Passwords browser extension, I have to enter the long and strong password for the encrpted document twice which is already decrypted before in RoyalTS. And withot RoyalTS, the Royal Passwords extension will not work. So, it makes no sense at this point to enter the long and strong password again. This makes the workflow not convinient. The workaround is to disable encryption for documents, which is not nice.

So, a cool feature in Royal Passwords would be, the ability to open documents in RoyalTS and RoyalServer with 2FA and without entering the strong and long password for decrypting the protected documents again and again. 2FA will do that way. It improves the workflow with simultaneous increase in security.

Thank you

Markus Lawrenz

Hi Markus,

thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we can't really run the browser plugin "standalone" without Royal TS running. There are limitations what a browser plugin can do and for us to access the file structure and the encrypted data, we need to communicate with the running process in order to get access to it.

I'm sorry that I don't have better news for you.


Hi Stefan,

thanks for your response.

I understand that you are restricted, what a browser plugin can do. It needs a running process, check.

But, regarding my second point, if the documents are encrypted and decrypted through RoyalTS, is it neccessary decrypt the document again in the extension? Is there maybe a possibility to make it simpler. Because documents passwords are long and strong and complicated.

Looking forward an answer 

Thank you



I'm afraid not. The way the extension communicates with the host application is via https. In certain environments (like terminal services or citrix environments) where multiple users are running Royal TS and the browser extension, this would be a massive security hole as it would allow you to access data from another instance / user.

I hope you understand.


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