The original use case for our KeePass support was that our users wanted to keep their credentials in a KeePass database and still be able to use them in Royal TS/X. For this to work properly in Royal TS/X (with reference by id) we have to take the GUIDs of the KeePass objects. 

A second possibility is to simply import your credentials from a KeePass database. This can be done by using the KeePass import feature that can be found in the Ribbon under "Data - Import - More - KeePass V2.x File".

Please note:

the imported credentials will get the same UID as the original KeePass database. This normally is not an issue, unless you want to import data from the same KeePass databases multiple times. Unfortunately, Royal TS/X can't know which IDs have already been assigned if the KeePass database is not open at the time of import. If you plan to import or reimport data from a KeePass database multiple times, please make sure that you have the KeePass Database open in Royal TS at the time of import. This will ensure that the imported objects automatically receive new GUIDs.

What to do if you get a "Duplicate Objects" prompt:

If you did not have your KeePass Database open during your KeePass import, you will most likely receive a "Duplicate Objects" prompt when reopening your KeePass database. It will look something like this:

In this situation, we recommend selecting "Apply to all conflicts" and then clicking on "Yes". As soon as Royal TS has completed the operation, please save your document. This is imperative since we don't have "dirty" flags to mark whether or not UIDs have been changed. Changing UIDs is a rather destructive process and can lead to connections not working, hence we do not automatically save the changes or prompt you to do so; this is by design. If you don't save your changes, it is possible that your changes will not be saved if you simply close your document at a later point in time since you will not be prompted to do so.