Please use the following steps to export your existing Royal Server V4 configuration to a new Royal Server: 
  • Install Royal Server V4 on the new machine, install your license and stop the Royal Server service
  • Copy the configuration file "%programdata%\RoyalServer\appsettings.json" from the old installation to the new machine
  • Copy the configuration database files from "%programdata%\royalserver\royalserverv4.db" to the new machine. This database contains configured Document Store Access Rules and and MFA user configurations.
  • If you have had a Document Store wich a Document Root Folder configured on local discs on the old machine, copy  this folder to the new server
  • Export used certificates (for both Royal Server and Secure Gateway) using the Royal Server Configuration Tool and import them on the new machine
  • If you have configured specific IPs for Royal Server and the Secure Gateway, check if these are still valid on the new machine
  • If you have configured specific users via group memberships to have access to Royal Server, please configure the same group memberships on the new machine. The following groups memberships are allowing users to use Royal Server:
    • "Royal Server Users" - all users in this group can access Royal Server and use the Document Store
    • "Royal Server Gateway Users" - all users in this group can access the Secure Gateway
    • "Royal Server Administrators" - all users in this group can execute administrative tasks for Royal Server itself
  • Previously configured drives (e.g. D:\) must exist on the new machine. Such directories are used for: 
    •  Document Root Folder for the Document Store
    • FullRequestResponseLogDirectory for Request/Response Logging
    • FileLog_LogDirectory for logging in text files
  • If the worker account was a local account, it must be created with the same name and password on the new server or you configure a new worker account using the Configuration Tool
  • Any previously installed Script Engines must be installed in the same path as on the old server.

Once you have done this, you can start the Royal Server service on the new machine.