This article provides a workaround to an issue where the Royal Server service does not start due to a time-out error in Windows.
The default limit for a service to respond to a start request is 30 seconds.

If starting the service takes longer in your environment you can try to change the timeout value for service startup in the Windows registry:

  1. Launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Find the following registry subkey: HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
  3. Right-click this key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  4. Change the name of this new value to ServicesPipeTimeout.
  5. Right-click the ServicesPipeTimeout value you created, and choose Modify to open the Edit DWORD Value window.
  6. Change Base to Decimal.
  7. In the Value data field, type the value (in milliseconds) of the time allowed for the service to start, and click OK.
  8. Finally, restart the machine.

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