Royal Server can be configured to log a substantial amount of internal information in order to easier troubleshoot functionality. This helps our support team to nail down possible issues fast.

1. Logging to a File

The easiest way to review and send log information is to log to a file. To configure this in the Configuration Tool, go to "Royal Server" -> "Logging" -> "File Log".

Make sure, "Enable Logging to a File" is checked and choose "Log Level", "Log Directory" and "File Name". 

Note: After changing any of these settings, Royal Server needs to be restarted.

Note: Please note that logging with Log Level "Debug" or "Information" generates a huge amount of log entries and should only be applied during troubleshooting.

Royal Server generates one file per day with the following name structures: <configured file name>YYYY-MM-DD.txt. As an example for the given screenshot above this would be royal_server_log_2021-11-11.txt.

2. Reproduce the behaviour

Reproduce the behaviour of which you want to send us the logs.

3. Submitting Log Information for a Support Ticket

If you have been asked to provide log information please copy the required information by using the Configuration Tool and click "Royal Server" -> "General Configuration" -> "Copy Configuration":

Then select the needed information areas and click "OK".You have the selected information now in the clipboard and can save it either to a file that you attach to our ticket or paste it directly to the ticket.