Sometimes, when you make changes in a document that is stored in the cloud, these changes will not get updated in Royal TSi. Unfortunately, this is an iOS restriction that we cannot workaround.

When you open a document from the cloud, Royal TSi does not know the path to the document or even whether it's from iCloud or Dropbox or somewhere else; all Royal TSi gets is a bookmark. Unfortunately, this bookmark stops working after a few days.

Because we don't want our users to have to constantly reopen the documents every few days, we copy the file locally into the apps data store. Please note that this data is safe and can only be accessed by Royal TSi. When the bookmark stops working, then we still open the document, but from this moment on, any updates made to the file in the cloud will not be reloaded in Royal TSi anymore.

In cases like this, the only solution is to close the document (swipe left on the document and then choose Close) and reopen it.

Ironically, this iOS restriction is also the reason why you can't make any changes to your documents via Royal TSi. Any and all changes would only be stored locally and not replicated to any other computers making this feature superfluous, hence we decided to disallow it completely.