Depending on the connection types used in Royal TS we do use different protocols to be able to provide its functionality. The list is subject to change.

Connection TypeRequirementNotes
SSH, FileTransfer, VNC, Web Page, etcNo special requirements. Outgoing port is as defined in the General tab./
Remote DesktopNo special requirements. Ports are TCP/3389 and/or UDP/3389 by default, otherwise as defined in the General tab.We take use of the proprietary ActiveX RDP component of your Windows OS. Local GPOs or configuration may change behavior.
Secure GatewayThis is based on SSH. Default is TCP/22, otherwise as defined in the General tab. 
Performance ViewRelies on WMI. See more here:
PowerShell ConnectionRelies on PSRemoting. See more here:
Windows Events ViewRelies on WMI. See more here:
Windows ProcessesRelies on WMI.
Windows ServicesRelies on WMI.
Terminal ServicesRelies on RPC communication to target host, See more:
Hyper-VRelies on WMI.User must member of Hyper-V Admin group. For local host Hyper-V it's not possible to specify alternative credentials. Current user must have the appropriate rights. 
VMwareRelies on HTTPS API communication. Default TCP/443.User must have at least read access to virtual machines and hosts data.

Please notice: WMI is a proprietary protocol by Microsoft. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be clear instructions how to configure it correctly. Depending on many factors from the environment, e.g. operating system version, applied group policies, etc the exact required configuration may vary. We only take use of this protocol, however the configuration must be done on the user's side.