The security solution BitDefender classifies following files as Generic.BitCoinMiner.2.67091540:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Royal TS v5\zxcvbn-core.dll


We were receiving unexpected crash reports of listed DLL files and were investigating on this. Due to some customer inquiries we finally found out that BitDefender deletes this file as it is classified is a Bitcoin Miner - this is definitely a false-positive!

Mentioned DLL library "zxcvbn" is an Open-Source-Library by Dropbox for measuring the password strength we take use of, e.g. next to the password fields when editing credentials. You can find more details about the library we use over here:

Unfortunately this is a situation we are not able to fix on our end, as BitDefender needs to rollout new definition updates. You may want to file false-positives to BitDefender here.