You might experience one of these symptoms:

  • A message "Failed to start image manager" is shown
  • <USERNAME> ran ROYALTS.EXE, which tried to access <PATH>, violating the rule "...", and was blocked.
  • Access to the path '<PATH>\RoyalTS_Chomium_WP.exe' is denied.


Whitelist the  executable file.

By default you can find the RoyalTS_Chromium_WP.exe here:

Royal TS v5.0 and up:

%TEMP%\Royal TS V5\Plugins\F008C2F0-5FB3-4C5E-A8EB-8072C1183088\

Royal TS v4.3.61022 and up:

%TEMP%\Royal TS V4\Plugins\F008C2F0-5FB3-4C5E-A8EB-8072C1183088\

Royal TS v4.3.61005 and earlier:


Starting with Royal TS v4.3.61022 we use the folder path set with property "TemporaryFiles" within the RoyalTS.exe.config. This configuration file resides in the installation folder of Royal TS.


The most probable cause for the issue above is that something is preventing (blocking) the execution of an external worker process which is required by the 3rd party Chromium engine used in Royal TS. For determining what exactly is preventing execution (blocking) the file, consult the Windows Event Viewer or check your local AV/security tools which may prevent execution.

More Information

The 3rd party Chromium engine in Royal TS used to use the Windows executable "rundll32.exe" to host the Chromium worker process. The advantage of this approach is, it is using a Windows system file which is already shipped and installed by default. The major downside of this approach is that this executable is a 32bit process and cannot allocate a lot of memory. Web pages may quickly reach the memory limitation and cause the engine to stop working. In addition Microsoft also blocked the execution of "rundll32.exe" in the Windows 10 1809 release. As a result, Royal TS couldn't be started or crashed whenever a Chrome based browser was used in Royal TS.

To resolve all those issues we were forced to use a custom worker process for Chromium.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue. If you have any further questions, please open a new support ticket at us. You may find all directories and files Royal TS v4 is using in this following KB article.