When you order a license, our distributor share-it handles all the financial transactions, invoicing and also the license key generation. To ensure, the registration name (licensed to - text) of your license reflects your company name, make sure the "license to" - value during the order process is correct. Our distributor also share-it allows you to register an account with them to make the order process easier. The following instructions should help you to correctly register the license to your company name:

Ordering a license without signing in using the share-it account

If you are not logging in with a share-it account, simply enter the name of the company or individual to whom the license should be issued to in the "License to" field:

Ordering a license while logged in with a share-it account

If you are using your share-it account to place the order, make sure that the License to text in the "Review Your Data" section is correct:

If this text is not the desired registration name, click the "Edit" button and change the License to text.