Our latest major releases of Royal TS (for Windows) and Royal TSX (for macOS) come equipped with LastPass support.

Security is obviously important in this context and so we strive to support as many Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) methods as possible.

Here's an overview of MFA methods LastPass provides and which of them are supported by Royal TS/X:

NameLastPass PlanSupport in Royal TS/X
LastPass AuthenticatorFreeSupported
Google/Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP / RFC 4226)FreeSupported
Duo SecurityFreeSupported
GridFreeNot supported
Fingerprint / Smart CardPremiumUntested
Salesforce AuthenticatorEnterpriseUntested

Note regarding Push Notifications

Due to API limitations, Royal TS/X may behave differently when using Push Notifications based MFA: once the credentials have been submitted, you can approve your MFA request in the authenticator app for a short period of time. Once Royal TS/X displays the OTP dialog, you must enter the OTP code in order to approve the request.