Can I use Royal TS for Free (in Shareware Mode)?

Royal TS can be downloaded, installed and used for free without registration , without a license key ,  without time limit (no trial expiration) and  without any nag screens.  In this mode (Shareware Mode), the following restrictions are applied:

  • You cannot have more than 10 connections per application instance.
  • You cannot have more than 10 credentials per application instance.
  • You can open only one document per application instance.

No other restrictions apply - all features of Royal TS are available in Shareware Mode! This allows small shops or individuals with a small environment to use of Royal TS free of charge, without obtaining a license key.

How long is my license valid?

Royal TS is licensed via a perpetual license for the version purchased, with no annual or recurring fees required. For example: If you purchase a license for Royal TS V4, all minor version (Royal TS V4.1, V4.2, etc. are covered by the license. Once, the next major version (V5) is released, a new license key is required. Each license includes a "software maintenance" (see below) and users with active software maintenance will get the license key for the next major version for free.

What is "Software Maintenance"?

With software maintenance you have access to the latest version of the product (including major version releases). This means you are entitled to upgrade Royal TS to any newer version for 1 year (or in case of extended global license, 3 years) after the purchase free of charge. Priority email support is also included in the software maintenance plan. Each Royal TS license includes at least a 1 year software maintenance plan. An extended global license includes 3 years of software maintenance.

What happens when my software maintenance plan expires?

You can still use the version of Royal TS you obtained the license for (see above: "How long is my license valid?") and you will also have access to minor product updates for the version you purchased or the version you got during the software maintenance.

What happens if I want to upgrade to the latest major version but software maintenance expired?

In case you did not extend your maintenance and wish to upgrade to the latest version, you will need to purchase full price licenses again.

How can I extend my software maintenance plan?

Expired software maintenance can be extended by purchasing new licenses at a reduced price. Customers with expired software maintenance will automatically receive an email with a discount coupon code to extend software maintenance. After you receive the discount coupon code, place a new order and enter the coupon code on the shopping cart page (after clicking the Buy Now button). If you didn't get the coupon code, please contact us and include your original order information. 

Maintenance extension is a limited time offer. The provided coupon code will be valid for two months after the software maintenance expired.

Benefits of extending my software maintenance plan using the discount coupon code?

You do not need to keep multiple (previous) license keys to extend maintenance. Just enter the discount coupon code on the shopping cart page (after clicking the Buy Now button). You do not need to enter multiple license keys in Royal TS to unlock it. The discount is applied to all licenses of your order. This means you can get as many licenses at a reduced price as you need. You can even switch licenses at a reduced price to Site or Global license in case this makes more sense to you now.

Can I upgrade my existing Windows or macOS license to a bundle license?

If you have an active software maintenance, you can use the software maintenance coupon code to obtain a bundle license, even if you purchased a Windows or macOS only license before. Please contact us, if you haven't received the software maintenance extension coupon code.

What is the difference between a Site and a Global License?

A site license grants you the right to install and use the software for all your employees (unlimited users) for a single site (single office). A global license grants you the right to install and use the software for all your employees (unlimited users) for multiple sites (multiple offices/branch offices).

How is the product shipped?

Royal TS is delivered electronically. Once you have completed the order form, an email with the license information is sent. Ensure your email client is configured to receive emails from the,, and domains.

How can I get a quote?

For more information, click here.

Can I place a purchase order?

For more information, click here.

Where is the License Agreement?

You can find the license agreement for Royal TS here.