The Royal TS installer takes a very long time. Why is that and can I speed it up?

Royal TS is a .NET framework based application which by default is compiled during runtime. Since runtime compilation makes Royal TS in general appear to be slow, we implemented a pre-compilation step in our installer (ngen). This pre-compilation step may take some time, depending on your hardware.

On average hardware this usually takes a couple of minutes. We've heard reports from users where this pre-compilation can take a very long time (hours). If you are experiencing such an issue, take a look at this blog post from Microsoft:

The linked blog post contains a script which will speed up the pre-compilation by providing more resources to that process. Users reported faster installation time when using the script.

I've installed Royal TS but it still is slow. What can I do?

In some rare cases it may happen the this ngen command (pre-compilation) executed by the installer silently fails or is silently aborted. If pre-compilation has not finished, you may experience slow application startup and slower response times in the UI. The installer will also install a batch file (ngen.cmd) in the installation directory, where Royal TS' RTS3App.exe is installed (usually in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Royal TS V3). Simply launch the ngen.cmd elevated (as Administrator) and let the batch file finish. You can safely ignore all messages and warnings you may see during execution. Once ngen.cmd finished, Royal TS should launch faster and be snappier in general.

Using the ZIP file

If you do not want to use the MSI installer or, for whatever reason, you prefer to use the ZIP file download to deploy and install Royal TS, make sure you run ngen.cmd as Administrator as mentioned above.