You can use msiexec to silently install Royal TS using the following options:

  • Full UI: msiexec /i [path-to-RoyalTSInstaller.msi] /qf
  • Reduced UI: msiexec /i [path-to-RoyalTSInstaller.msi] /qr
  • Basic UI: msiexec /i [path-to-RoyalTSInstaller.msi] /qb, /passive
  • No UI: msiexec /i [path-to-RoyalTSInstaller.msi] /qn, /quiet

You can find the full documentation of the Msiexec.exe Command Line here:


When you start Royal TS and enter the license information, a file " code4ward.RoyalTS.Lic.V*.xml " is written to " %appdata%\code4ward "

There are two options to deploy the license to your users:

1. Copy and deploy the code4ward.RoyalTS.Lic.V*.xml file to the %appdata%\code4ward using a log on script for each user.

2. Copy and deploy the code4ward.RoyalTS.Lic.V*.xml file to the install directory of Royal TS (where RTS*App.exe/RoyalTS.exe is located).

To update an existing license, please go to "Help - About - License dialog". Then click on "Open - Reset License" and then enter your new license details. This will generate a new license file which can then be used to deploy your new license XML. Once the new license file has been deployed to " %appdata%\code4ward ", you can run Royal TS and check the license details by going to "Help - About - Maintenance" and clicking on check online.

Deploy Pre-Configured Settings

Default settings, autostart files and all settings you see in the Options dialog are stored in %appdata%\code4ward\code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config file. If you want to deploy pre-configured settings, simply setup one instance of Royal TS with all the settings you need and deploy the file to your users when Royal TS is installed.