Google Chrome browser ships with built-in Flash player and PDF viewer, as such it does not require additional plug-ins for Flash and PDF files. 

In order to use Flash in Royal TS using the Chrome based Web Page plugin, you must install the Flash Player system plugin on the system where Royal TS is running.

Follow these steps to install Flash Player system plugin:

  • Visit  with Google Chrome browser;
  • Look for "To download the Adobe® Flash® Player system plug-in, click here" in the page. Follow the link to the download page. If you can not find the link, then Adobe may have moved the page after this documentation was written. In that case please contact us or use this direct link:

  • Check "Your System" section, click "Need Flash Player for a different computer?"
  • Select the correct Windows version, then select the "PPAPI" version from the drop down box. Do NOT select "NPAPI". These are two different type of plug-in interfaces. The current version of Royal TS only supports PPAPI
  • Click "Download Now" to download install the Flash Player system plug-in. This will install the plug-in inside sub directory "Macromed\Flash" under your Windows system32 or SysWOW64 directory

Once the Flash Player system plug-in is installed, restart Royal TS. The Chrome based Web Page plugin is now able to automatically detect it and load it.