The purpose of this article is to provide a list of programs or tools which are known to cause problems, issues or even crashes. Royal TS is a standard .NET framework (managed) application but relies on several native (unmanaged) components (such as the Microsoft RDP ActiveX control). In some rare cases, installed tools could interfere with Royal TS or even cause instability. Since we do not have any kind of control over those components, it's impossible for us to support all those scenarios. This is one of the main reasons Royal TS is "Shareware". You can fully test and try out all the features of Royal TS in your environment.

The following list is a collection of 3rd party tools which may or may notĀ cause problems, depending on the scenario. This list is maintained according to user feedback and does not necessarily apply to you.
  • Various Anti-VirusĀ tools may cause Royal TS to run very slow
  • ModernMix from Stardock can cause Royal TS to crash
  • vmware Player can cause high CPU usage from Royal TS when using RDP
  • TeamViewer QuickConnect button feature interferes with Royal TS but can be excluded in the TeamViewer Options
  • FileBox eXtender interferes with Royal TS and can cause the app freezing
  • LANrev can cause the mouse cursor to flicker
  • Sudden and random crashes could be caused by Microsoft Teams client. See also: