Royal TS/X by default splits your username into separate username and domain values which are then passed to the RDP client.
This is useful because you don't have to care about putting the values into separate fields. For a domain logon, you simply specify your username as "domain\username"

Wallix ReDemPtion/AdminBastion requires the username to be formatted in a "special" way.
Here's an example of such a logon token: "domain\user@remoteserver:localuser".

Now when Royal TS/X parses this, it extracts the portion before the first backslash ""and passes it to the RDP client as the domain. The remainder of the string is being passed as the username.

Because Wallix expects the whole logon token to appear as the username here's a simple trick to circumvent our domain parsing:
Specify your username asĀ "\domain\user@remoteserver:localuser". Note that the first character is now a backslash.
When we parse this string the domain that is being passed to the RDP client is empty because there are no characters preceding the first backslash.

If you're using Royal TSX (for macOS) and the FreeRDP plugin you might also have to disable "Compression" in the advanced settings of your RDP connection to succesfully connect to Wallix.
This workaround is required if you're connecting to WAB versions prior to 4.1.