Here you can download beta versions of Royal TSX.

You can also opt-in to receive beta updates in Royal TSX itself.
To do so, enable "Include beta releases" in the "Updates" section of Royal TSX' "General" preferences.

Please always backup your documents before installing a beta version!

There's currently no beta available.

Release Date: 2019-08-21

Release Notes:


* New Dynamic Folder import dialog with support for browsing our toolbox repository

* Increased maximum number of recent documents to 15

* Support for importing 'loadbalanceinfo' field of .rdp files

* If only a single Royal Server object exists, it will now be pre-selected in the 'Open Royal Server Document' dialog

* Updated to Mono


* Fixed a bug that caused private key properties to not be saved when credentials were set to be inherited from the parent folder

* URLs without a scheme now get prefixed with 'http://' when used with the Royal Passwords browser extensions

* Several small bugfixes