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Dynamic Folders Python Libraries

Hi there, 

I am on Royal TSX (for macOS) version 6.1 and trying to run Python script using 3rd party libraries e.g boto3  in dynamic folder. However for libraries installed via pip/pip3 (installed globally) getting following error. 

"ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'XXXXX'"

Python installed via homebrew and on the path. 

How can I use pip packages in dynamic folder script?




Hi Mohacs,

can you please make sure the following settings are configured within the "Royal TSX Settings > Advanced > Dynamic Folder" section:

Furthermore, please make sure that the Python version is set to "Python 3":

In case the issue persists, please create a new support ticket via the following link, so we can assist you in this matter:

Best regards,


@Christoph thank you for your reply. They settings are exactly the same, I have submitted a support ticket.

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