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Saved credential password in Trigger for Terminal


I am connection to our linux machines via a gateway server. to do the 'hop' from gateway to actual server I amusing the ssh remote command option. After the ssh command is executed on the gateway it asks for users password. I am able to enter it via the custom fields and login. But when the password changes I will have to update it in all the connections. Is there anyway to use a stored credentials password in triggers? 


you can use Key Sequence Tasks for this.

In Royal TS/X on the desktop create a new Key Sequence Task. In the Credentials of that task select the Credential with the password. On the Key Sequence tab write $this.EffectivePassword$ into the box. Press OK and save the document to some cloud so that Royal TSi can access it.

In Royal TSi refresh (Close/Open) the document and connect to your SSH server with the integrated SSH client. Right above the keyboard at the right border is a symbol with three dots. Tap that and you will get a list of the Key Sequence Tasks from all open documents. Select yours and the password will be written to the terminal.



Hi Micheal,

Thank you for the reply. I am sorry the question got created in the IOS forum. I am currently using RoyalTS on mac and would like to implement the solution there. 

I have a credential stored which has the username and password out of which I would like to use just the password in all the terminal connections automatically.

I have created the below , it works but I want a central place where the password can be picked from.


Hi there,

I've replied to this topic at your thread here:

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