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RoyalTSX Terminal triggers and documentation


I'm trying to have a simple trigger which (once ssh is connected) is sending a command, wait for a prompt (reflected in regular expression) and send a text (via parameters).

All is working fine, the regex matching is good, sending the text via Custom Field, all done successfully.

My problem is that I have a lot of connection, using for now the same Custom Field value, which I have to define per each connection. If I need to change the Custom Field, I need to do it manually on each connection.

What I'm looking for is that this Custom field defined per connection to be actually something defined globally (think like Credentials which can be reuse in multiple connections).

In the Triggers menu at Parameters section I see options like $CredentialPassword$ or $CredentialFromParent$ but I'm not sure what are they referring to because I cannot find any documentation.

I appreciate any help to understand this matter.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

custom fields, as well as custom properties can be set to be inherited from the parent folder.

So you could set up the text you need to send using a trigger by putting it in the custom fields/properties of the parent folder, then configure the actual connections underneath that folder to inherit the custom fields/properties.

Hope that helps!



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