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RDP with Jump Server + SSH Key?

Hi, I need to connect to a Windows Server via RDP, which worked fine so far. Now we have a Bastion Gateway "Jump Server". I know how to do the configuration under Windows mit MobaXTerm, that works fine. I simply don't understand how to configure Royal TSX When I create a "Remote Desktop Connection" I can't provide a private key file (which I have to). Now I figured I need a "Terminal Connection" for a SSH connection, but that doesn't work either --> Host not found Under MobaXterm I have to provide: Basic RDP Settings: Remote Host, Username, Port: 3389 + Jump Host Configuration: Gateway Host, Username, Port, SSH Key File How do I configure that into Royal TSX? I really tried for a couple of hours, but it just does not work at all - is it even possible?
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Hi Daniel,

I recently replied to the ticket you created, but will paste the reply here as well:

You can add your Private Key File Path within the Advanced - SSH section, as shown here:

Please also refer to this link:

Alternatively, you can use our secure gateway feature, which you can find out about more by following this link:
If you already have a (Linux) jump host, you can use it via Secure Gateway.

I hope this helps!

best regards,
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