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Bulk Auto Expand

Using TSX. I noticed that after my import from Jump, all the desktop sizes were set to custom 1024x768 and not auto expand. Is there a way to apply auto expand to the entire group of machines? I don't want to do them one at a time as I have 150.

I also noticed that you can't select multiple machines at once to perform bulk operations on. When I was recreating the folder structure, I had to drag them one at a time, which is not very convenient.

And anpther question - is there a way to automatically suppress the "verify certificate" message"?

HI Dale,

If you need to change settings for multiple connections, I suggest that you use our "bulk-edit" feature. To find out more about it, please refer to the following link:

To make sure all future connections have these settings configured, please edit the Default Settings for your desired connection type, found in the Navigation Panel under "Application - Default Settings".

Regarding the Certificate message, can you please try setting the Authentication Level to 'Always connect', within the Remote Desktop settings:

If you need further assistance, feel free to create a ticket here:

best regards,


Thanks for the reply. It works, though the options you get to change when selecting mutiple folders (to pass down to the machines in the folders) are fewer than when clicking on a bunch of machines in a single folder. But for me personally, who has 20 folders with 150 machines throughout, 20 changes is still easier than 150.

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