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Please add a feature in the menu to "reconnect all" for broken RDP sessions.

I want to be able to reconnect all disconnected tabs when I reestablish my network connection, pretty much as you can right click on a single disconnected tab and reconnect that tab.

 If I move my computer out of network range, I end up with several disconnected tabs.

I can of course right click on a tab and choose reconnect, and this works, but if I have i.e. 11 disconnected tabs open, I will have to do this 11 times..

I want to have a function that reconnects all open disconnected tabs at once, pretty much like you can get when starting up Royal TS and had open sessions when you shut down.

I have found the function to reconnect all in a folder, but this is regarding open disconnected sessions.

Again, what I am seeking is a way to reconnect all the disconnected tabs below, with one click, when I reestablished the network connection, would be super..




(87.6 KB)

How is this feature request coming along..?

If you need any more explanation, please let me know..


As far as I can tell this feature has been suggested by several user for years, so maybe it's time to look into it..


I know you probably have the RDP connections in many different folders, but the way I get around this is to copy the ones that I use all the time to a single folder at the top of my list.... then I just right-click, connect all.

I get what you're saying though - would be helpful for when the computer goes to sleep or the VPN breaks.

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You can right-click the top element in the tree view of your document (i.e. the document itself) and select "reconnect" there, that should reconnect everything, AFAIK.

Although I think that might require having RoyalTS configured to keep remotely disconnected tabs open.

See also this thread:

It also includes guidance on how to configure RoyalTS to automatically attempt reconnecting disconnected tabs.

In the next beta 7 release, a new command will be available in the tab's context menu to reconnect all disconnected tabs.

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