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Update software/plugins before logins to plugins

Every time I start Royal TSX, I get the logins for the plugins and the protected folders. When I'm logged in, I get the question new software updates are available, and when I install them, Royal TSX is relaunched. 

No abnormal behaviour, but wondering if the check for updates and the relaunch could be done before logging in and providing all passwords and 2FA codes, instead of after?

Hi Arjon,

are you using the Royal TSX beta versions?

If so, you can opt out of receiving notifications for beta releases as mentioned earlier.

To do so, got to Royal TSX Preferences -> Updates and deselect 'Include Beta releases':

I hope this helps!

best regards,


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Hi Arjon,

unfortunately, this is not do-able, since the update channel info (beta or stable) is saved within the preferences, which are saved in the application document.

Since the application document can be protected by a password as well, the check needs to happen beforehand.

Usually updates aren't released too regularly, unless you are on the beta channel, which you can of course opt out of.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope this helps nonetheless!

best rergards,


Ok, understand, but updates are almost weekly, at least almost every time, I startup Royal TSX. ;-)

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