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Can a Dynamic Folder script use named credentials?

The AWS EC2 Dynamic Folder Script done in Python assumes the aws cli is configured with credentials. This often means poor practices of credentials stored in plaintext files. Though there are good solutions like aws-vault, I suspect invoking it from within Royal's Dynamic Folder Scripts is going to be complicated.

I'd like to store an AWS key/secret in Royal's encrypted credentials in the users own document. Can a Python Dynamic Folder Script access a named credential? The credential we have assigned to the dynamic folder is used for child inheritance for the generated inventory.

Is there a token reference we can use to get a named credential from another open document?

Hi Matt, 

you can, for example, refer to a credential via the CredentialName, as explained here:

If I am understanding you wrong, and you're looking for different information, may I ask you to create a support ticket here:

Thanks & best regards,


Christoph, Thanks for the reply. 

Your reference is understood, and it is something we do in creating the inventory json now. 

What I want to do is pass creds to the AWS CLI in the Dynamic python script. To basically enable aws cli to fetch inventory. The Dynamic script currently just assumes the aws cli is enable and has credentials on the user's OS. Since Royal has an encrypted storage of creds that is better than a plain text file, I'd rather pull those AWS api creds from Royal and pass to the the cli through python.

I suspect this would have to be something like a token value in the dynamic script. But currently the only token for a credential is the single one on the dynamic folder. We currently use that parent/child association to provide creds for the discovered inventory. 

I'll send this as a ticket as well. 



Hi Matt,

thanks for the info.

We'll be waiting for your ticket and answer your request there, as soon as it arrives.

Best regards,


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