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Screen resolution on Mac (Royal TSX)

Hello all, 

when connection from a MacBook Pro (2560 x 1600) to a Windows Server using Royal TSX, the screen resolution is pretty low (1440x875) so that the image is quite blurry.

Is there a way to adjust the resolution in Royal TSX? (I only found guides for Royal TS for Windows).

Kind regards

Hi Peter,

within the Remote Desktop Connection Settings, when you click on 'Display Options' and deselect 'Use full Retina resolution', you are able to set your own custom size as well as a 'Resize Mode'.

Maybe try playing around with these settings to see if this fixes your problem.

best regards,


Ah, so it's per connection and not system-wide. That explains why I couldn't find it - thank you very much Christoph, I can work with that!

Hi Peter,

glad this worked for you.

If you want to edit the (system-wide) Default Settings, you can do so by switching to the 'Application' document, expanding 'Default Settings' and then selecting 'Remote Desktop'

From there on, you are able to Edit the Default Settings.

best regards,


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