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Favorite servers in Dynamic Folders


We are having a rather big setup with Royal TS(X) (and Server) where we are having more than 30 engineers actively using Royal TS(X). Our setup consists over 3500 servers that needs to be loaded into Royal TS.

Obviously our structure is pulling data from our CMDB using Dynamic Folders. Then propagating a Dynamic Folder for every customer we are having. When loading a specific customer, then we retrieve all servers and create them into different objects (Remote Desktop, Terminal, ...).

Due to the big setup, specific engineers are only working on a subset of our servers. We can specify certain servers as favorites through the Dynamic Folders, but every engineer will get the same favorites. That is not what we want.

We would like to have a solution, where an engineer can favorite a server that's propagated through Dynamic Folders. On our end it is no issue to have a dynamic identifier in the folder structure or in the objects (servers) itself, so you can make references. We can either create a unique ID known to us or create some kind of hash, no issue at all.

This is one of the features that we have lots of feedback on, that they really need it. Because looking/filtering through all the servers is a tedious job where they are losing lots of time.

Ideally it would be great (nice to have) that an engineer is able to structure the favorites into different folders.

Hopefully this is something that could be implemented.

Kind regards


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any news on this?

Idea taken or not?




this is currently a limitation of dynamic folders. Right now, it's not that easy to provide this functionality but we keep this on the radar and as soon as we have the infrastructure, we will implement this feature.


Just started using dynamic folders, love it.  But really need a way to separate out most commonly used connections.  I even tried a custom property or field, apparently not supported for dynamic folders.

Any updates on this requested feature update?

Currently running 6.1.50722



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