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Dynamic Folder Based on Custom Field

Is there a simple way to build a dynamic folder that pulls in objects that have a specific custom field?

Hi Michael,

Dynamic Folders are intended to be used to import new objects into Royal TSX from external data sources.

They are not designed to be targeted at existing objects. I guess your best option would be to just tag your objects by using the "Description" field and then using the search feature to filter your objects by that "tag".

Hope that helps!



Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply! I just purchased the product and so far I love it!

I was previously using JumpDesktop and using the Tags feature of that to have my servers show up in multiple folders, and was trying to replicate that setup.

I think another solution would be to just duplicate the servers objects and put them in another folder. Maybe not the most elegant, but it should work.

Thanks again Felix!

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