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[Tags] for Connections

Hey, i have a Feature Request for Royal TS.

We are a MSP with many customers. Some of the customers have some names which can be written wrong sometimes and for the search mechanism i don´t want to add too much information in the sub-Folder Name for all connections related to this customer.

So i had the Idea of a new field "Tags" or sth. like that for each connection where i can put some aliases in and the search would also find the entries.

For example if i have a customer which is called:

"Test Company"

And everybody e.g. just types "TC" i have to edit the folder name currently to
"Test Company (TC)". But i would like to do this in a more "clean" way.

Best Greetings, Marco

Not yet. You can either run a script (see or you could pre-deploy a proper code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config file in %appdata%\code4ward

The next major version will have other ways to handle these settings (including GPO).

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Hey Stefan,

this really helps.

Is it possible to deploy this setting via GPO?

Hi Marco,

thanks for the feedback. 

Before we discuss "tags", let me mention two features which are already implemented and which may be helpful in your use case.

1. You can activate an option to include the Description when searching in the navigation panel.

2. You can also activate an option for "fuzzy search" which can be very helpful in finding objects by just including some characters in the correct order.

You can find these options here:

under Navigation

Let me know if this helps.


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