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RDP connexion with Royal tsd for Android via Royal server

hello, I use Royal server and Royal ts together for accessing externally my windows servers with a secure connexion, by the RDP protocol, and everything is working fine. Royal server is installed inside my lan, and my firewall is configured to route the 54899 and 22 ports toward it. I just bought Royal tsd for Android for connecting my servers in the same conditions : from the external, via the same Royal server. I exported the royal ts configuration file to my android device, and used it with Royal tsd for Android (bought version) : I see my Royal server configuration with my list of servers, and the correct connexion via Royal server (external address and port). I setup in the "general settings" the Microsoft RDP Client for the connexions. Unfortunately I’m not able to have any connexion with my servers : it seems that the Microsoft RDP Client is only launched by Royal tsd, passing the internal address of my server, and obviously it doesn’t connect... My question is to know if Royal tsd for Android is really able to be used with Royal server for RDP connexions. If yes, what am I doing wrong ? Thanks for your answer ! Best regards, Olivier (from France)
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Hi Olivier,

Android does not allow to keep a SSH tunnel open while an app is inactive. So we could open the tunnel through Royal Server, but as soon as we switch to Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, Android would close the tunnel again to save battery.

If you need to connect via RDP, then you have to use a Remote Desktop Gateway. We do pass the parameters for the gateway to Remote Desktop Client.

All the other management connections which connect through Royal Server like Windows Services, Windows Processes, PowerShell, ... are handled directly between Royal TSD and Royal Server. These work as expected.

We also plan to include a Terminal connection directly within Royal TSD. As soon as this is run within our own app, then we can also use Royal Server or any other SSH gateway to open a tunnel. But this only helps for SSH, not RDP.



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