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Wake on LAN

Would it be possible to add a "Wake on LAN" option? It would be very useful to be able to wake up sleeping computers before connecting to them. And having that built into Royal TSX would be super!

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A more integrated approach like with a side option would be nice

Thanks a lot!!! That is very helpful. I Use "port" not "homebrew". FYI: There is also another wake on lan apps: "wol".

It's possible today, albeit with a little help.  First, install Homebrew if you haven't already done so.  Next, install wakeonlan via brew. 

Once these two steps complete, create a 'Task' in Royal TSX for the wake-on-lan command: 



Then add that Task to the target computer's Connection Settings: 


The above example will "wake up" a Windows computer, but should also do the same for macOS / Linux.

Works like a charm! 



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Would be very helpful

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