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Notes in TSi


How can i see notes in TSi?

When you select an item with notes, then you see "Notes" in the category list on the right and there you can find them. Or you select "Show all Properties". Then you see them too.

I don't know what is wrong, but i can't see notes..



Did you open the file in Royal TSI before you added the Notes in Royal TSX?


Unfortunately file sharing on iOS does not work good. When we open a file from iCloud, then close the app and reopen it a few days later, then it looses the connection to iCloud. To avoid that the users have to open all the files again, we copy the file to the app data and use that copy instead. When you make changes to the file in the iCloud later, those changes cannot be seen in Royal TSI anymore.


Therefore you have to close (swipe left on the document) and reopen the file.

Did this solve your problem?

Yes, problem solved.

P.S. There is no possibility to edit notes in TSi?

Due to the same reason I explained above, the documents are currently read-only.

- If we use the file directly from iCloud, then the users would have to reopen them every few days.

- If we would let them change the notes in the local copy, then it would never be stored back to the cloud.

Both options are suboptimal.

We will allow to save changes back to documents which are stored on the Royal Server, but that's not implemented yet. Maybe we will ask to choose between the two (bad) options I explained above when opening a file, but that's not decided yet.

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