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Setting up multiple SSH tunneled VNC connections in Royal TSX

I know how to use a jumphost to create an VNC SSH tunnel ssh -A -N -L 5901:targethost:5901 jumphost however, that binds to the localhost of the initiating machine. So if I want to bind to many hosts at the same time through something like Royal TS, it becomes a problem when you get over 10 machines. Let's say I want to establish a VNC connection to through the jumphost The command would be ssh -A -N -L 5901:

I'd like to be able to bind this connection somehow to the target IP address so when I went to initiate the VNC session, the address would be vnc:// instead of vnc://localhost:5901 This way I could save all the VNC connections in Royal TS.

Hi Arlovande,

in this case, I believe the best solution would be to use secure gateways. That way you could set up the secure gateway(s) and then either inherit them to all the following connections or select which ones (secure gateways) to use for which connections. That way you could save your secure gateway(s) and also all of your VNC connections too. For more information on secure gateways, please refer to the following link:

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Thank you, I've tried the secure gateway, but I have authentication via the ssh-agent not a file.  The key is held in a variable in the ssh-agent in a Unix Socket.  Is there a way to use the secure gateway in this manner?

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