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File Transfer keyboard support

I'm totally new to Royal TSX and its File Transfer plugin. I always use two-panel file managers, and it seems to me natural to use keyboard to select file(s), download/upload, open, delete, etc. I tried setting up Command Task / Key Sequence Task, hoping to assign a keyboard shortcut to File Transfer's actions available in the right click menu, but I misunderstood the purpose of Tasks, they seem to be for command line only. 

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I'm closing this request as discussion was continued here.

I looked through the commands available in the system shortcuts, but there is nothing from Royal TSX or File Transfer to map shortcuts to. I don't think this method would work to "keybordify" the file browsing experience to the level of Total Commander / ForkLift / Midnight Commander / etc.

Hi Michael,

in this case, the best solution is to map the keyboard shortcuts using the standard macOS keyboard shortcuts (found under 

"System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts").

I hope that helps!

Kind regards,

Germar Tischler

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